“Dodgy” DeJoy Testifies to the Senate: His “Credibility” Reminiscent of Manafort, Pompeo & Bannon


Glenn Kirschner

August 21, 2020

Trump and Mnuchin’s handpicked Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy testified before the Senate about the dramatic slowing of mail service under his “leadership.” Watch his evasive answers and see if his performance reminds you of these other infamous clips of Paul Manafort and Mike Pompeo. These Trump birds of a feather flock together . . . and what a flock they are.


  1. I know, you’re right! It’s the entire DC swamp and all the ‘gators’ in it.. this is why I left. I now just have fun chronicling the lies, deceipts and crimes as they happen – everyday, by all involved – and how the GenPop STILL has not stood up – or worse – even understood or comprehended what is happening right before their very lives.. fuckin’ amazing!! I enjoy the sidelines and espousing ‘running commentary’as this ClusterFuck unfolds.. situation normal – FUBAR!! 🤣😳😖😷😜😁

    • BANNON could be the ‘unintended consequence’ to this entire fiasco. DumbAss Doofus CANNOT pardon until there is a conviction and THAT won’t happen while DumbAss is in office.. LOLROTF! BANNON’s ASS IS TOAST and he could bring down the whole “house of cards with him” family and all.. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. 😳👀😉😆👎🤣

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