Fareed Zakaria points out Biden and Reagan’s winning political formula

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August 23, 2020

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s discusses the state of today’s Democratic party after the Democratic National Convention that was criticized by some progressives for including speakers with such a wide range of political views.


    • THAT I knew.. but since WASH DC has accepted him as an ‘undeclared party’ columnist I re-post his stories as he does often have unique facts and leads that you don’t find in MSM. As I’ve said before – and will always say going forward – I have no horse in this race so I just point out the issues that ‘ring my bell’ whenever I chose. As far as I’m concerned the US is now a 3rd world autocracy that will never be what is WAS in past history and I really don’t give a shit what happens in the future as I have no allegiance or dependendence on anything there politically or governmentally. LAST ONE OUT.. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!! 😳😖😁🤣😆

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