$15,000 gold price? Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff give forecasts (Part 1/3)

I’m publishing a series of predictions by recognized precious metals – specifically Gold – experts which speak to the commodities markets, Gold in particular. When Gold rises, the dollar MUST drop then when the world catches the “train of the demise of the Petro-dollar Fiat Monetary Stadard” Gold will become the standard that it always should have been except for the manipulation of the COMEX for 20+ years by J.P. Morgan, Chase, Scotiabank, Deutsche Bank and HSBC to name a few of the Major Lawbreakers!! THAT is when they will issue you your Federal Debit Card which will replace casch altogether.. take it for a joke if you want to – it is gonna happen like it or not!!

July 30, 2020

Gold prices have hit all-time highs, but industry heavyweights Jim Rickards, best-selling author, and Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, both think that the rally is far from over. Rickards’ analysis gives a five-year gold price target of $15,000 an ounce. Schiff, too, sees this as just the start of the bull cycle, adding that an imminent U.S. dollar collapse will be a major catalyst in sending gold prices much higher.

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