Joe Biden Has History Of Publicly Denouncing Violence | Morning Joe | MSNBC

This is a WIMPY, LIMP-WRISTED RESPONSE to the violence in Portland and everywhere else in the country!!! THE “JACK ASS” PARTY IS GOING TO LOSE THIS ELECTION IF THEY DON’T STEP UP TO THEIR “A” GAME – SOONER THAN LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is NOT good enough to DENOUNCE – WHAT DO YOU INTEND TO DO ABOUT IT??  ACTION is what we need – NOT FUCKIN’ DENOUNCEMENTS!!!!!!!!!!  WTF!! WTF??

August 31, 2020

Joe Biden released a statement over the weekend condemning the recent violence in Portland, and it isn’t the first time he’s spoken out and publicly denounced violence. Morning Joe looks at his recent statements. Aired on 08/31/2020.

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