DeJoy exposed for pressuring his employees to donate to Republicans. Campaign Finance Violations?

September 7, 2020

The Washington Post revealed that, as CEO of a North Carolina firm, New Breed Logistic, Louis DeJoy pressured employees to make campaign contributions to Republican candidates. DeJoy would then reportedly arrange to give bonuses to those employees who contributed as reimbursement. This conduct would violate both federal and North Carolina state campaign finance laws. Of course, AG Bill Barr is not likely to investigate or charge Postmaster General DeJoy – or any member of Trump’s administration – for federal crimes as that could result in someone like DeJoy cooperating with prosecutors and providing information and evidence that could be damaging to Trump. However, North Carolina can and should investigate Dejoy for possible violations of North Carolina law. If the Post reporting is accurate, it looks like DeJoy may be going to DeJail.

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