Woodward’s Tapes, Trump’s Covid Admissions & a Homicide Prosecutor’s Take on Criminal Liability

TRUMP GUILTY OF MURDER IN THE 2nd DEGREE by his own admission on tape!! Must be arrested and tried beginning January 21, 2021!! .. He is a KILLER like I always said. I see that size LARGE RED JUMPSUIT coming soon to an internet streaming trial on your computer SOON!!   😉🤣😜😏😠😡😳

September 11, 2021

With the release of Bob Woodward’s recorded conversations with Donald Trump, it’s time to revisit Trump’s potential criminal liability for the resulting coronavirus deaths. As a 30-year federal prosecutor (22 years handling murder cases in Washington, DC), here is a review of the legal elements of the crimes of manslaughter and second degree murder. Please have a look at how Donald Trump’s conduct compares to the elements of those two crimes.

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