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More ‘Highly Compelling’ evidence from Thunderbolts Project/Electric Universe site. With a new video from Gareth Samuel. Precession of the solar system, local group, Galaxy and the entire Universe.. there is strong agreement in the field of this data which has been suggested by human Astronomers since 150ad!! This is a studied compilation of ALL the various data and put into current context.. watch and learn!


September 12, 2020

New contributor and Electric Universe advocate, Gareth Samuel, creator of “See the Pattern”, introduces his investigation into a striking evidentiary connection between the Birkeland currents in our celestial neighborhood and a true motion of the stars through the heavens.


  1. The title of your latest video should read “Seeing Precession Correctly”. There is a small book titled Evolution thru Cycles written by the late Mr. Nehru of The Theosophical Society. On page 5 of the book he borrows a chart from Mr. Barborka’s The Divine Plan. Below the chart is an outline of Occult Chronology where one (1) Maha Yuga = 4,320,000 years. This number, more or less, coincides with the graphic you display in your video at approximately 21.19 minutes. A coincidence? I think not.

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