Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Seen Punching Subdued Black Man In The Head | MSNBC

Latest DWB Beating du jour.. if you think this is going to stop, you are dreaming a nightmare in real life!!

September 13, 2020

A Georgia sheriff’s deputy was placed on administrative leave after video was released showing the officer punching a subdued Black man in the head during an arrest.


  1. Sheriffs are elected county officers-politicians and not police. Depending on the location may be totally untrained. Defund the police and you get one guy (sheriff) and a few sidekicks running the show. Easy to have KKK running a county in such a set-up, as history tells us. If you have an emergency you will be dead before help arrives, even if the Sheriff’s office is good.

    • RIGHT.. It really stings a little watching all this police killing and beating in the US – but hey.. citizens brought it on themselves at the last ballot box election – SO I HAVE NO SYMPATHY! When I don’t like something I go out of my way to change it if humanly possible – if NOT possible, I walk away and go somewhere the issue is not a factor in my life.. but I guess I’m just weird like that?? 👀😳😖😜🍷

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