The Upcoming Durham Report, Election Interference and Other Bill Barr Abuses

Glenn goes into detail in this podcast – musing “where should we start with all the criming in the DumbAss Doofus/BigButt Barr regime”?  LOLROTF..

September 13, 2020

Bill Barr tasked U.S. Attorney John Durham with going on a witch hunt – investigating the Trump-Russia investigators – in efforts to undermine the origins of the Russia investigation, notwithstanding the fact that the Mueller Report AND the DOJ Inspector General (IG) Horowitz report AND the Senate Intelligence Committee reports all concluded that the Trump-Russia investigation was properly opened. Barr is looking for a different answer – one that helps Trump and hurts Biden. Hence, the Durham investigation.

One of Durham’s top prosecutors, Nora Dannehy, abruptly resigned due to Barr pressuring Durham to issue an interim report PRIOR TO the election. Barr’s conduct is dead wrong in two ways: first, prosecutors do not issue reports. In my 30 years as a federal prosecutor, I never once issued a report. Second, nothing should be done by prosecutors within 60 days of a presidential election that could impact public opinion about the candidates. Barr violates all DOJ norms, protocols, traditions and ethical standards by pressuring Durham to issue an interim report so close to the election.

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