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The answers are there for the taking – experimentally, observationally and undeniably! ALL one has to do is look, and then see?? What is so hard? Our Universe did not start with a Big Bang – it is instead an electric plasma universe in which gravity plays no large scale essential role!!  Watch.. listen.. and learn.


October 17, 2018

How do objects in our Universe form? In the unimaginably vast cosmos, at all scales, from comets and asteroids in our solar system to the vastest superclusters of galaxies stretching for hundreds of millions of light years, astronomers and astrophysicists imagine gravitational processes, and only gravitational processes governing these objects’ formation.

But the objects we see tell a different story and demand new theoretical pathways. In our own solar system, one of the most puzzling forms is the double-lobed shape of most comet nuclei imaged to date, a weirdly similar form also seen in nebulae, and even in the peanut-shaped cross-section of the galactic bulge of our own Milky Way.

In this episode, physicist Wal Thornhill explains why the pairing of celestial objects is a predictable effect of a Universe governed not by gravity, but by electromagnetism. FROM THE ARCHIVE on double-lobed comets and asteroids Astronomy Headed Toward Collision with Reality? | Space News https://youtu.be/AqxRwpLbSfQ

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