Single Recurrent Novae, Plasma Cosmology| S0 News Oct.9.2020

MS (Mainstream Science) is FINALLY beginning to give up on finding Dark Matter only after spending another $14BN this year building a new detector that will ALSO NOT FIND ANY DARK MATTER – IT DOES NOT EXIST!! In the past 30 years they have spent 100s of Billions of $$ building new detectors, almost 2 dozen by now, and they have NEVER seen ONE Baryon of Dark Matter – EVER! Eventually one has to conclude the THEORY (Big Bang) is wrong and find a NEW Theory that actually WORKS!! Electric Plasma Universe. LOL What fuckin’ DumbAsses Ph.D physicists are .. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,  ha, ha.. 

Today’s Space Weather News talks about their recent discovery of how wrong they have actually been in Cosmology!!


October 9, 2020

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