Russia test fired TSIRKON Hypersonic Cruise Missile

The very latest from the russian nuclear-powered missile front..

Russia test fired TSIRKON Hypersonic Cruise Missile

Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects test-fired TSIRKON (Zircon) Hypersonic Cruise missile successfully in the Barents Sea on 7 October 2020.

TSIRKON test fire was conducted from the Frigate Admiral Gorshkov Vessel in White Sea. Russian Hypersonic Cruise Missile hit the destined the target located at a distance of 450 kilometer in less than 4 and half minutes. TSIRKON reached hypersonic speeds of more than Mach 8.

This is the second time Russia is conducting a test fire of the Missile full stop earlier it was done in early 2020 for the first time. TSIRKON Missile was launched from white sea and it hit the target located in Barents Sea.

Vladimir Putin’s birthday

Russia test fired TSIRKON Hypersonic Cruise Missile



    • For 20 years or so we never heard a peep of India’s Nuclear Programs – save the the huge accident/spill near the Pakistan border some years ago.. but I suspect there will be MUCH MORE TO COME going forward!!

      • Why do we not hear a peep about this or Kamala’s uncle in our news? That is the mystery. Now it’s more available online in India’s news. There were Bidens who worked for the East India company and still live in India.

        • Pandoras Box has many treats and curses – plenty enough to go around. Keep your head low, watch your perimeter, prep thoroughly and do the best you can.. LOL

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