Pandemic, Economic Crises & The Energy Density Solution

YES – Dr. Eric Lerner has a thing or two to say about Climate Destruction, Global Pandemic Proliferation even as it relates to Science in general.  

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April 26, 2020
To get to the good news skip to 16:55 🙂
1:00 Why Do We Need Fusion Energy
1:24 Fossil Fuels Dominance
3:15 Energy Density
5:25 Fossil Fuels Energy Annual Costs ($10 Trillion – Worldwide annual cost) 6:40 Wealth Transfer Cycle
7:55 Pandemic – Product of a Wealth Transfer Cycle
10:40 Class War – Inequality – Economic / System Crises
12:10 Why Fusion Energy
15:26 Energy Density and pB11 Fusion Fuel Density Comparison
17:20 Decentralized Fusion Energy and Other Benefits
20:40 Can’t Renewables Help?
22:10 How Do We Switch To Fusion Energy? (Crash Program)
23:30 Fusion Liberation
24:35 Join Forces and Let’s Flip The Power In this video, LPPFusion explains why fusion energy is essential to escape the global crisis. To move beyond this crisis, humanity must move beyond fossil fuels. For peer-reviewed papers on Focus Fusion:… For media coverage of LPPFusion:… For details on the safety of Focus Fusion:…

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