Timelines of Civilization Are Off by 2500 Years (1054)

Evidence of ‘Crustal Slip’ when there were magnetic excursions and orbital adjustments after the poles migrated around the planet.. this evidence is ‘self evident’ by even only cursory mapping and satellite surveys. Northern Africa had oceans of fresh water in the not-so-distant past — see for yourself! Your history has been denied you.. for millennia..

There is much more information on this subject at Suspicious0bservers.org.. link provided:  https://spaceweathernews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/weathermans-guide-to-the-sun-third-edition.pdf

October 30, 2020

Timelines for our civilization are off at least 2500 years. The Kingdom of Ghana controlling trade routes across Northern Africa to the Red Sea in an era with “no water” according to mainstream academia. Lakes and rivers flowed across Africa al little as 500 years ago, meaning the 3000 years as desert condition is off substantially. More importantly is how fast do these continental changes occur turning desert into a growing zone for grain crops. 

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