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The ELECTRIC PLASMA UNIVERSE formed the Grand Canyon and associated canyon lands were created in days NOT Aeons in time! Our ancestors lived through these times, watched and created depictions of Dragons in wall paintings to warn us – which is why ‘rock drawings’ all over the mountain states in western USA look the way they do today! Watch and Learn.. we live in a highly charged and dangerous Electric Universe that transforms out planet in just days not in thousands of years..  DO NOT BELIEVE THE QUACKADEMICS – THEY ARE PRESSTITUTES OF SCIENCE!!


October 31, 2020

Author and Thunderbolts colleague Andrew Hall continues his remarkable “Eye of the Storm” series investigating the groundbreaking field of Electric Universe geology. In this episode, sourced from his Eye of the Storm – Part 8 essay, Andy examines proof of the dragon’s passage are not random and coincidental anomalies. They appear predictably, as expected of the circuit. For example, reactive power is a two way street. Energy is both released and absorbed as current alternates, spitting out and sucking back in. Action and reaction. Canyons and river channels are arc-blasted by reactive power from resonant discharges. That was an example of reactive power spitting out. When it sucks back in, reactive power creates a mountain, not a canyon. This is where things get really interesting. The resonant reactive discharge that blasted a river apart creating a junction, also created mountains on reactive inflow vectors. Previously on “Eye of the Storm” — Episode 7, Part 1 Andrew Hall: Scars of Plasma Dragons | Space News

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