DumbAss and Disgusting SHIT in the era of Trump.. WOW!!

This is but a SMALL compilation of the kinds if immoral and disreputable people who felt free to “COME OUT” in the time of The “Grand DumbAss Doofus” .. I hope to follow up with more on a semi-regular basis as God knows there is a ton if available data to promote, disseminate, and expose to the world what “pure decadence looks like.. 

Lawyer accused of bringing drugs to jail, having sex with inmate



Former attorney sentenced to 80 years in prison



Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani Vows Lawsuits Challenging Votes in Pennsylvania | NBC News



Why Shepard Smith abruptly left Fox News



The Stunning Transformation Of Kimberly Guilfoyle



The Untold Truth Of Kayleigh McEnany



10 Porn Stars Who Made it in Hollywood



Married Cousins Facing Jail Time for Getting Pregnant



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