Ben Rhodes Explains That The U.S. Is The Most Vulnerable During A Transition | Deadline | MSNBC

DumbAss Doofus – whose ass all you MAGA Lamo’s seem to love to ‘lick’ is actually killing you and your families with COVID and his lack of willingness to manage it’s spread; he is actually putting the entire country in possible grave danger by not granting access by Joe Biden to the Presidential Security Briefs – or even ordering the GAO to open up transition offices for the Biden Team to work in!!  ALL DUMBASS MAGA SYCOPHANTS ARE LOWER THAN A SNAKE IN A WAGON TRACK!! 

November 17, 2020

Former deputy national security advisor to President Obama Ben Rhodes speaks to Nicolle Wallace about America’s unique weaknesses during a transition of power, and says he fears that if Trump does not cooperate, the country could be vulnerable to an attack. Aired on 11/16/2020.

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