Fukushima 4 Nuclear Meltdowns Vs Chernobyl Single Nuclear Meltdown

Truth be told – which it STILL has never been – but there were actually 3 of the largest nuclear reactors running full throttle that went into FULL STATION BLACKOUT – or in other words FULL MELT DOWN; MELT OUT AND MELT THROUGH!! But it’s worse than that – each reactor building was storing at least 3 ‘used and stored’ cores which equals 12 reactor cores that blew up and lost all inventory into the atmosphere – THEN – there was reactor 4 building that held up to 6 more cores that also blew up into the atmosphere. That means that the Fukushima reactor complex experienced “explosive” loss of ALL INVENTORY totaling 18 — THAT’S RIGHT – 18 REACTOR CORES THAT ENTERED THE GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!  That is why Fukushima has been declared  – A NUCLEAR GLOBAL EXTINCTION EVENT OF ALL SPECIES ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This is why you no longer see insects, spiders and their webs, small river game, beavers, racoons, possums and such anymore. Killer Whale pods have died and disappeared, seals, dolphin and all whale species are beaching themselves worldwide!! The US Government has classified death rates of cancers of all kinds – liver, lung, brain, testicular, breast, ovarian, thyroid and many others.. I figure we have until 2025 before our food supply which has been contaminated by radioisotopes will begin to kill us all at an alarming rate.. LISTEN UP!!

Dana Durnford

November 12, 2020

Fukushima has 3 running reactors meltdown Reactor 1 Reactor 2 and Reactor 3 and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant had 4 nuclear reactor buildings fuel pools meltdown . The nuclear reactor buildings fuel pools each had 4 decades of reactor cores stored at the top of each reactor building and they also melted down ,detonated and spread their 40 years of reactor fuel inventory over the entire planet earth . Chernobyl was brutal it was a new nuclear reactor building with the original new reactor core that had a nuclear meltdown , but unlike Fukushima reactor buildings there was no reactor fuel pools fat the top of the Chernobyl building .. Each of the reactor cores at Fukushima was equal to 100 time the size of Chernobyl nuclear reactor core . In this video presentation I will supply you with the the facts and documentation . The thumbnail picture is Fukushima Nuclear reactor 3 and it was a MOX fuel reactor core , MOX fuel reactor cores are considered several million times worst than a normal reactor meltdown because they have reclaimed fuel from old nuclear missiles and used reactor cores that have already gone through the chain reaction .


    • Yeah but they keep building more of the f****** things. We have to stop them from building more and more of the things!! It’s EZ to stop one from going online – IMPOSSIBLE to bring it down once online.. it takes a full strength industrial power plant to run a nuke — they don’t run on their OWN power?? What the fuck is THAT all about..

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