‘Unfair’: Fmr. GSA Admin. Responds To Delay In Biden Transition | All In | MSNBC

EmilyiaSmurf the little Fatty  GSA Administrator is breaking the law in broad daylight in a “fuck you” stance by not DOING HER LEGALLY MANDATED JOB!! What is it with these government appointees who just run roughshod over Congress, the WH and anyone else to do “what the fuck they want” while in office and nobody says or does ANYTHING!!??

November 19, 2020

“I heard HHS Secretary Azar say he wasn’t going to turn over the Biden transition team on coronavirus until Emily Murphy ascertained. My reaction to that was that is really unfair. Do it. And don’t make her be the one to let you do it. Show some courage,” says David Barram, the GSA administrator during Bush’s 2000 transition. Aired on 11/18/2020.

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