Rudy Giuliani LITERALLY Melting Down During Press Conference

TootyFrooty Rooty is lookin’ a little Stressed here.. I must say though that he stands steadfast into the camera and LIES, LIES, LIES.. What an ugly fuckin’ DumbAss with his dripping ‘hair color’ makeup — or is that what’s left of the dripping rancid Brain Juice.. EEOOWWWWWW!!!  LOLROTF!!!  —  take it EZ Greasy.. got a long way to Slide.. 😳🙄☹️🤣

November 20, 2020

“During a press conference that was deemed too crazy for CNN, MSNBC, and Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto—all three of which declined to air it, unlike Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN—Rudy Giuliani attempted to lay out the Trump campaign’s case for overturning the will of the American people and keeping the current president in office. It didn’t exactly go as planned.

“Did you all watch My Cousin Vinny?” Giuliani asked at one point. “It’s one of my favorite law movies, because he comes from Brooklyn,” he explained, before deciding it would be appropriate to act out a scene from the 1992 film.”

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