You Won’t Believe What’s Buried Under the Sahara…Hidden Lost Ancient Civilizations

The “”, and others I cover on a reguolar basis talk about earths magnetic pole excursions, gigantic global floods and megalithic ruins in the Sahara, Sudan and specifically Egypt show that all the toppled megalithic statues and obelisks there have been tumbled, destroyed and show “high temperature burns” on the andesite rocks from which they were built. They continue to find whale, dolphin, all varieties of sea life fossils and huge cities and castles in the Sahara and that the sands of the Sahara are mode of “SEASHELLS”.. 

August 27, 2019

The world’s largest non-polar desert, is actually the widespread burial grounds of countless, mysteriously unknown, ancient ruins & civilizations, that have long since been forgotten, having been consumed and hidden by the sands of time, thousands of years ago. And here’s the thing…when I say “thousands of years ago”…that’s the part where things start to get really strange… 

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