How Much Has Earth’s Magnetic Field Lost? | S0 News Dec.6.2020

We are in deep shit when it comes to Earths Magnetic Poles shift.. our magnetic protection from Galactic Cosmic Rays; Solar Flares/CMEs and the Galactic Current Sheet is on it’s way too..  there have been much more modern and capable versions of US Eons ago – just go and visit the global megalithic ruins found all over the world, I have and I was blown away. They really did exist and build things WE still cannot build with our state-of-tech at this time – so we are the most retarded of them all and will surely suffer a 90+% die-off and reset at the next cycle which is due within less than 1K years. If we don’t kill ourselves FIRST whereby saving the Universe a ton of work.. LOL

December 6, 2020

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