Psychoanalyst: Trump Is “Delusional Psychopath” Who Needs To Be Removed Immediately | The Last Word

I am so happy to have made the decision many years ago to depart the US. The smartest thing Pelosi did yesterday was to have the “master nuclear codes” changed within the command and control mainframe computers for each attack vector regional controller/launcher computers. DumbAss’s  Nuclear Football no longer has valid codes within it and has been rendered useless and issued to a new Prime Designate!!  Now – they have to start “burnin” new Winchester Floppy disks to have continuity up the chain (they wouldn’t STILL be using floppy disks for launch sequence commands would they?)  But THAT will only piss DumbAss Doofus off more because the took away his ‘favorite’ toys and stood him in the corner or a ‘time out’.. LOLROTF!!

January 7, 2021

Dr. Lance Dodes joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Trump’s mental state as he’s banned from Twitter and why he will get worse once he leaves office and faces legal jeopardy: “The more desperate he becomes, the more delusional he is, the more he needs to prove to himself ultimately that he is still a god, so the less power he has, the more stress he’s under, the more dangerous he is.” Aired on 1/9/2021.

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