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I once had a cop tell me I was j-walking after crossing a street that was blocked off for pedestrians but restricting vehicle traffic. I asked him “what he had been smokin'” – then he told me to drop to my knees hands on my head – I I told him to go fuck himself – suddenly he ran over to me turned me on my back with the help of 3 other officers and proceeded to try to crush my ‘adam’s apple’ and TRIED TO KILL ME!! FOR WHAT? JAYWALKING??  FOR TELLING HIM TO GET FUCKED!! SO – i know what it is to be “attacked in a deadly fashion by Police’ and I didn’t fuckin’ like it.. !!

May 30, 2020


How do you change a troubled police force? Get a rare look inside a police department being forced to reform, in FRONTLINE’s 2016 documentary. This journalism is made possible by viewers like you. Support your local PBS station here: http://www.pbs.org/donate “Policing the Police” offers an up-close look at police reform efforts in Newark, NJ, after the force was found to have engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests of black residents. With gripping, on-the-ground access, this 2016 film examines the difficulties of fixing a broken relationship between the police and the community. #PoliceReform #Documentary #PolicingThePolice

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