Why is China punishing Australia? The human impact of the trade war | Four Corners

Well.. This is the beginning of China telling dollar usage countries that they will no longer accept dollars and then you’re going to start dumping trade that is being insisted upon add $2 level.

Consider this to be getting the global economic collapse that’s been being predicted for some time now, China holds all the gold or the majority China holds all the treasury bills or the majority China holds all the dollars or the majority of any currency on the planet

They can start to dump it at any time they have decided that now is the time to do that.. Stay tuned of these pages for further indication and creeping shrews of the impending end of the Fiat dollar money system and the global monetary correction that is coming..

April 26, 2021

Over the last twelve months, China has launched a wave of trade sanctions against Australia. Industry after industry has been hit with a range of punishing measures, from massive new taxes to import restrictions. As a result, many Australian products have effectively been banned from entering China, leaving the businesses that rely on this trade in peril. But why is China punishing Australia and who is at risk? From the barley fields of WA’s salt lake country to the lobster trawlers of Hobart, Four Corners reveals the human and financial cost of the ongoing dispute.

Read the story in English: ab.co/32MFKbX. Read the story in Chinese: ab.co/3aDsFGl.

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