The Journey

While I try to keep a balance of crucial, extremely important news and scientific, educational and informative news -MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT – FUKUSHIMA has NOW killed the entire PACIFIC OCEAN! If you don’t know what Fukushima is, you live under a rock and never come out..
FUKUSHIMA is an extinction-level even worldwide!

No one wants to hear bad news – however – when it threatens your ‘quality of life’ or your ‘immediate well-being’ long or short term I will publish it. There are also multiple posts for all ages that are not only informative but educational as well – my personal interests are in the sciences – and that is my primary focus but you may find ‘favorite recipes’ or ‘interesting youtube historical videos’ or just plain funny and humorous commentary or cartoons from time to time.
Check back often and one thing is ALWAYS for sure – you will not only be surprised but informed and entertained as well..